Simplicity 5267- 1963 dress

I know that the winner of the Pattern Review Vintage Contest is decided by votes on entries, so multiple entries don’t help you win.  However, there are so many wonderful seamstresses over there that I think is it pretty safe to say that any additional entries I put in won’t make too much difference.  I joined the contest mostly for the fun of sewing and that vintage patterns are good opportunities to practice sizing patterns to fit.  So it is valuable skill building.


 This is another cute pattern from the 1960’s era.  It is Simplicity 5267 (from 1963) and is a simple straight sheath dress with a detachable collar and tie belt.  I made view number 3, the sleeveless dress with just a belt.  But I didn’t make the tie belt because I think I would prefer a buckle style belt instead of a tie.  I may do the detachable collar later just for a little variety with the dress (the collar would probably look really cute with a cardigan).
This was another one of the patterns I found at an antique mall.  Like the wrap-around skirt, this pattern wasn’t the correct size.  So I added an additional 4 inches so that the dress would fit.  Because of the additional inches added in width, I had to reshape the neckline and the armsythe (narrow the shoulders).  I shortened the end of the dress 6 inches and used a 3 inch hem.  I used my serger to finish the inside seams.  I like the facings and think I will probably go back and tack the facings on the inside so they don’t flip out.

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