Crystal and Picot Necklace

I brought the book “Beaded Allure” by Kelly Wiese at a local craft store last fall.  After flipping through, I was a little worried about it; it seemed there were very few single star difficulty projects.  I originally learned seed bead weaving back in 1998 when I took a class at a local bead store.  The class project was a beaded amulet bag using the even count tubular peyote stitch.  So I more comfortable taking on harder challenging projects with even count peyote stitches than with other different stitch types.

Crystal & Picot Necklace from "Beaded Allure"

I have actually made the “Crystal and Picot Necklace” pattern twice.  The first one is the pink and light copper.  The second one is the purple and light copper which my mom asked me to make for my aunt.  The instructions for the pattern are very well written and have pictures of each step.  It is easy to compare what you did with what you were suppose to do.  The hardest part I encountered was the first couple rounds on the focal center bead.  But I think that was because I used a 14mm bead instead of the 12mm bead recommended by the pattern.  It just took a little time and patience to get the 2nd round on my 14mm bead to look similar to the 2nd round on the 12mm bead in the pattern.

The chain in the pattern is just a bunch of looping circles and looks delicate.  But it isn’t as delicate as it looks.  On both necklaces, I had to remove parts of the chain so I could redo the clasp.  I couldn’t just pull on any section and get two of the “links” apart.  I had to remove each link separately.  I used about 17 to 20 cylinder beads for the loop on the clasp to get it around my 8mm rondelle crystal and 3 cylinder picot.

The chain design would be fairly versatile.  I can easily picture using it on a beaded glass ornament connecting beaded raviolis.

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