Royal Engagement Ring:

Most people would go out and purchase a replica of Kate’s engagement ring (Diana’s ring originally), but me, I want to make it myself.  Not even Kate or Diana could say that they made it themselves, but the real ring is probably more stunning than my crystal beaded version.  So this is a free pattern I found on “Bead & Button” website (instruction link at bottom of post) and excitement set in.

This is probably a go to pattern if you want to make a crystal ring.  I have made this ring twice a round version first then the oval version.  The oval because I haven’t been able to easily find the round 18 mm Montana blue rivoli again.  So if I make this up as a gift later, I wanted a practice one to see how hard the oval version is.

The crystals required for this project is the hardest part to find.  The little 2 mm round crystals were purchased on-line.  I was extremely fortunate on the circle Montana blue crystal to find the 18 mm rivoli at an actual store.  The oval Montana crystal was purchased on-line at a different place.  I substituted plain seeds in for the charlottes.  The size 15 beads are so small that it doesn’t show easily that a different bead was used.

I made the round version last year, so I don’t remember all those construction details.  I remember being impressed with it even when I wasn’t finished (it had been the most complicated looking item I had made to that point) and that I was a little apprehensive about not having pictures in the instructions to follow along.

The oval shape took just over an hour to bead, set the crystal, and embellish.  Then probably another 20 minutes for the ring band.  So after completing it once, it does get alot easier to make again even in a different shape.


Here is the link to the instructions: .


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