Vogue 8728- circa 1946

Vogue 8727- Vintage Vogue from 1946

It looks like I am advancing in sewing skill level (maybe)?  Vogue rates 8728 at an average and I didn’t have too much difficulties with it. The seam finishes may not be the best.  They are nice but I probably should have used flat felled or something else.  I had to redo the zipper.  I tried using the sewing machine to put it in and it looks horrible.  I am definitely better at hand picking zippers.  Tailor tacking is getting better.

Vogue 8728

If I make it again, I really need to add an extra inch or so to the waist.  I used half inch seams for the sides.  My goodness that puppy is tight.  I cut a size 14 all over.  It worked well in the bust and hips- not the waist.  Adding extra to the waist may cause one to lose some of the gathers in the bust and skirt.  For the skirt that is alright.  I am not so sure about the bust area losing gathers.  Since I am petite, I had to take about 4 inches off the hem of the skirt.  I used a 3 inch hem instead of a 2 inch hem so that I would have a knee length dress.

I used a rayon/ poly blend that had a linen look to it.  The texture doesn’t take away from the pattern.  It is the same type of fabric I had used for my 1964 Simplicity 5267 except that it is in more of a peachy coral color.  I am not exactly in love with the dress but I do like it.

2 thoughts on “Vogue 8728- circa 1946

  1. I think that you and I had the same feelings about this one! I love it in theory, but not so sure about it on me! I like your pink and the narrow belt, nicely done!

  2. I really like it on you. I’ve made two of these and I don’t know that they’ll get much wear, I don’t think they do me any favours. I did change the skirt because all of those gathers in a knit did not work for me. Haven’t taken pics yet so they haven’t been posted anywhere ……… some day.

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