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Simplicity 5986- Tie Collar dress (1965)

Simplicity 5986- Tie Collar Dress (1965)

Alright, I was so jealous of all the ones that get great action shots of themselves at parks, museums, beaches and wherever.  Here is my best attempt with just the camera, camera timer, and me.  Best I could do was go out to my little patio for the photo shoot.  There I could balance my camera on the edge of my vertical garden pot to take the pictures.  Yes, it is hot tea in the cup and it was 93 degrees outside.  Ice tea probably would have been a better prop just I didn’t have any made up. 

I had two different fabrics to choose from a light lavender herringbone weave suiting or the darker lavender linen look rayon/poly blend.  I ended up deciding on the linen look rayon poly blend just because I have used that fabric type more and am familiar with it.  Nothing against the other fabric, but for the pattern stash contest over on Pattern Review I wanted to stick with what I knew.  Just that I didn’t get it done in time to include it in the contest.  I was only half way finished by the end of the contest.

So I have a size 14 1/2 which is really close to my own measurements.  To be on the safe side and not to do a muslin, I went ahead and added an inch to the pattern.  But after I tried it on, I went back and took in the side seams again about an inch on each side to get the fit that I wanted.  So I probably didn’t need to be as concerned as I was.  But I did take and scoop about an inch out of the armsythe.  Because of that change, I had narrower arm facings but that didn’t hurt anything.  I took about 5 inches off the bottom of the dress and put a 2.25 inch hem in it too. 

The dress still isn’t a 100% done.  It had a detachable vestee.  So all but the snaps and tacking the neckline facing is completed.  Saturday night’s battle with the snaps didn’t go too well.  The snaps won and I gave up.  This upcoming weekend, I am going to take the dress out to my parents house so my dad can battle with the snaps.  Next time I may consider doing small buttons.  Buttons on the neckline facing and the holes on the vestee should work.  It would have to be a low profile button so that it didn’t show when the vestee is removed.

I adore this dress.  I can’t wait to get an event where I can wear it to (when is the spring murder mystery weekend at the Elms hotel).  Maybe I should just cause a scandalous stir and wear it to work.  At my work, if one dresses up too much, the person gets asked where she (or he) has an interview at.  I get to go business casual every day jeans, a nice top, and a cute shoe (for me). 

Looking at the envelope and the pattern pieces, I would be really interested in trying this dress out as a top.  It would be a really cute top for work with a cardigan (I adore cardigans it is probably an illness).  I actually had to tape back together the front and back pattern pieces so I wonder if the original owner did use it as a top (or if it was just because they wanted to use a different skirts a full skirt option could be really cute).  I could possibly try to make interchangeable vestee pieces for more versatility.