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Tragedy Strikes- Muska-terrier to the Rescue!

So, tragedy struck on Thursday when my serger decided to throw a tantrum and mess up its timing.  So it is at the sewing machine doctor getting fixed.  So it looks like sewing may be slow until it returns. 

Beading front has been going backwards.  I forgot to take the correct book out to my parents house over the holiday weekend so I wasn’t able to get the last of the necessary supplies for a couple of projects.  I have one completed project but it needs to be fixed so I will wait before blogging about it.

So, for a new post, I have been rescued by my muska-terrier Toby!  Toby is my family Scottie who lives with my parents.  Last year I made him a costume for Halloween.  Basically it was a rectangular cape with a fleur-de-lis iron on and an elastic cording.  I also made the hat and the belt.  His sword was store-bought from Target. 

Toby wasn’t too fond of the hat or sword but he at least looks adorable!