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This year, I chose to theme costume for me and my dog Toby.  After getting approval from my parents whom Toby lives with, we decided to do a Carmen Miranda and mariachi band member. 

So for Toby, I didn’t want to do anything too heavy.  Halloween is on a Wednesday so it is possible that he is going to daycare to play with his little doggie buddies.  I wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to overheat from his costume if my dad lets him wear it to daycare.  So I decided to go with leg warmer sleeves with ruffles, a poncho cape, sombrero.  Toby probably wants to beat me with the sombrero because he absolutely hates hats.  His leg warmers were made out of cream satin.   I was watching “Another Thin Man” movie (William Powell and Myrna Loy), I noticed the Cuban dancers with ruffles all over.  That gave me the idea of double ruffles on the bottom of the leg warmers. 

Wheels in my head started turning when I had leftover linen from my two 1960s dresses that I am still working on.  So that was used as the ruffle trim on the skirt.  It was probably too busy to do both the skirt and ruffles from.  I am pretty short so a full length ruffled skirt would have definitely overwhelmed me.  I made the skirt with an elastic waistband this is after all a costume so there was no need to make it too complicated.  That fruity turban took a lot of thought and consideration.  I just was not certain of the best way of achieving it. 

I even posted on Pattern Review website to get ideas from more experienced seamstresses.  

Alright, it doesn’t look like I will get the Carmen Miranda costume completed.  I lost motivation when I didn’t have anywhere to really wear it to.  I don’t really get trick-or-treater either so finishing a costume that only one trick-or-treater sees doesn’t really make sense.  I have all the materials at home for whenever I decide to actually finish it.  I have 1/2 the skirt finished just needing a ruffle.  So it may get done after a couple other dresses.


Murder Mystery Weekend

I am still working on Halloween costumes for me and Toby (my family dog).  Since I don’t have a Halloween party to go to, I haven’t been rushing to hurry on both costumes.  Toby’s costume is completed.  I still need to get pictures of him for the Pattern Review costume contest.  I need to finish 2 parts of my own costume still.

As to the beading front, I am still working on the Marlene beaded bracelet from Jean Campbell’s book “Creating Glamorous Jewelry with Swarovski Elements: Classic Hollywood Designs with Crystal Beads and Stones”.  It is coming along very slowly.  So far it looks very pretty.  Hopefully it will be done before Thanksgiving or I will have to stop to work on the beaded ornament I usually make for my work’s holiday party white elephant. 

So in the meantime to tie everyone over, I will recap my murder mystery weekend down in the Ozarks.  This time it was at the Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake Ozark Missouri.  The previous two I have gone to were at the Elms Resort and Spa in Excelsior Springs Missouri.   The Lodge of the Four Seasons was beyond what I expected.  I was guessing a cozy little hotel.  It wasn’t.  It had valet parked my car for free and the room had a balcony.  I haven’t ever had a balcony before in a hotel room.  It was perfect for taking some fall color tree pictures. 

Friday night was the cocktail party.  The cocktail party was pretty causal but I at least bought out There were several of us that had participated at previous murder mysteries at the Elms.  So at least there were some familiar faces in the crowd.  There was about 50 people at the event this time.  Much more than my last one in April.  A hit man opened the door a crack and shot one of the guest at the party.  Our detective, Lt Detective Enoch Calhoun comes in to get the account of what happened.

In the morning the detective comes back and informs us that the Lake Ozark police have their annual fishing derby over the weekend and he will be the investigating detective.  Breakfast on Saturday just recapped the details of the previous night and the new note that was found when cleaning up the previous night.

Lunch was more interesting.  The detective updates us on his case and another found note.  Then he leaves for a call.  A guy comes in to talk to a person in the room and leaves.  The detective comes back.  Then the guy comes in again.  The cop tells the outsider to take a seat and he takes the seat of the person he was talking to.  The outsider takes a drink of iced tea then staggers out of the chair deathly sick.  The valet drops a notebook and we find out that he is a bookie.  The person in our group talking to the bookie owed $75 000.  A little old lady in her 90’s owed the bookie $10 000.  And lastly a $1.98 was owed by a guy from Arkansas to the bookie.

So Saturday’s dinner is more formal.  I actually wore the 1963 coral dress I made with a cardigan, sandals, and a beaded bracelet I had made.  ( I should have had my mom take a picture but I forgot.  So I will try to dress up at home in the same outfit so everyone can see how the dress and bracelet looked together.)  At dinner we were informed that the bookie was dead and up-dated on the detective’s case. The third murder occurred during dinner.  We all had to run over to the computer area and see the dead guy (the one talking to the bookie at lunch) stabbed 9 times with a steak knife.  We got the final clues then told to solve the murders.

I didn’t get the correct people as the murders.  Anyways the ones who did commit the crimes didn’t want to get to close to me since I solved the first one I went to.  The killers were involved in my last murder weekend at the Elms in April so I didn’t figure they would be involved in a second weekend so quickly.  So far 1 out of 3 weekends correctly solved. 

***The whole weekend was pretend murders and crimes.  The events covered over the weekend are all fictional.