Assorted Fun

So I have several little assorted crafts to display today. 

First up is the wine glass charms, I made these in early November for my mom (and me, I knew she would try to give me some of the ones I made her).  I had seen the new inspiration projects on the Fusion Bead website and the Fleur de Lis Wine markers looked extremely simple to make.  All the crystal beads were from stash that I had.  So at the craft store all that I picked up was continuous earring hoops, jump rings, and charms.  They are extremely easy to make.  I think of all 20 or so I did, it took less than an hour plus time for rummaging through the bead stash. 

DSCI0144 DSCI0151 

Next up is part of my sister’s Christmas present.  It won’t hurt to share this early because I don’t think she reads this.  But just in case she does, stop reading this post Michelle.  I bought kitchen towels from the store.  I got out the Singer Deluxe Monogrammer for my older sewing machine.  After making sure I had enough thread (very important step) and a sample, I went ahead and monogrammed a towel with her initial and one with the boyfriend’s initial.  I used a zigzag stitch width of 5 and the very tip of the fine triangle on the machine for stitch length.  Since it was so fun, I went ahead and did the third towel with the flower cam.  (The spots are just fray check, those dried and didn’t show).


The towels sort of make me want to get an embroidery machine now.

Last small project has been reusable fabric tea bags.  I have a lot of loose leaf tea but really don’t want to get out the glass infuser teapot every morning.  So hopefully this will help out.  The instructions I found on-line were really good.  I used a light weight muslin for the bags.  I used beads I had in my stash and ran out of larger holed beads for the thread.  I need to get some more for the other bags at home waiting to be finished. 


Here is the instructions I used:

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