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Flowers and Snow- Simplicity 1872 (Cynthia Rowley)

This was supposed to be posted well over a week ago after I got back from my trip, but I got a snow day from work so I was able to complete a version of this top in white also.   Then I just have no other excuse for the rest of  the delay. 

 This is the type of sewing I should be doing more of.  I admit I have a difficult time finding tops I like that fit.  I would be too big for a medium size in RTW but the large is too big on me.  I decided to make a sleeveless version of the top.  I really didn’t like the tie sleeves that are in view A.  But I wasn’t certain about how the sleeves in view C would look like either.  Anyways, I usually wear a cardigan about 90% of the time with a sleeveless top (at work 100% of the time).  So I would use a sleeveless top probably the most. 


 I had checked out several of the other reviews for this pattern on Pattern Review.  So I somewhat knew to expect going down a size in the pattern.  According to the pattern envelope, my measurements would have been a size 14.  But when comparing them to the finished garment’s estimates, I decided a 12 would be better.  With the 14, I would have had 8 inches of ease which seemed too excess since most of my reference manuals suggest somewhere between 3 to 4 inches of ease in bust.  Also, I followed what several other reviewers have done and added a thin piece of elastic in the waistband seam.  It really does help out a lot with the shape of the top.  It gives the peplum a little more definition.   Also, I hand sewed the wrap front pieces together so no one could see inside the top. 

 The one issue I didn’t expect was the shoulders.  The shoulders of the top are too big on me.  I should have graded down to a six.  I had this also in my Vogue 8789 pink plaid dress.  So this maybe an alteration I need to expect more  before cutting now.  I didn’t realize I had narrow shoulders before.  I will definitely need to look the narrow shoulders alteration up in my sewing reference manual before making another top. 

 I used rayon Challis for the pattern.  It was light was perfect weight for this pattern.  My serger didn’t seem to like a single layer thickness of the rayon Challis.  So I did use it to do the side seams of the top.  I maybe should have tried to use the serger for applying the neckline bias trim and the armhole bias trim.  They are a little bubbly and not perfect.  I didn’t bother going back and fixing it because I did want to stretch my pieces out too much.  Anyways, anyone I am really around won’t notice this flaw. 

 The pattern calls for a narrow hem at the bottom of a light weight fabric.  The next day I wore my new top to run a couple of errands on a wind advisory day.  So everyone who was in the Target parking lot at 8am on a Sunday morning got to see the wind blow the bottom of my top up.  That hem has no weight at all (or at least not against 30 mph wind gust).  Luckily for me, I did have another pink tank top on underneath.  So my other recommendation is to watch the weather on the news before deciding to wear your version of the top.  When I wore it to work, I stuffed a safety-pin in my purse to use as a counterweight just in case. 

 Now for the snow version.  I used the size 12 everywhere except for the shoulders where I used a size 6.  I used the serger to apply the bias trim to the neck line and armhole.  I have one mistake and sewed up the side seams before finishing the bias trim.  I should have switched to my sewing machine finished the bias, then done the side seams.  Now you see the serger seam.  I will probably go back and cover it up with some white trim. 

Snow version

Snow version

 A size 6 still seems a little big in the shoulders.  So it is something to watch for if you complete view A or view C.  View B is cut on the bias, so I am not sure how that would affect everything.  I possibly needed to cut the bodice pieces on the bias like view B?   It may be something to experiment with later. 

 I would consider making this again if I needed a quick top.  I would still have to work on fit at the shoulders, even with a size 6 there, it seems a touch too big.  To advance my seamstress skill, this may be the top to consider making for my sister.  It isn’t overly complicated for fitting and doesn’t require buttons or zippers.  First, I am going to have her try on my top and gauge her opinion of if she likes it before even considering making her one.