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It isn’t White Diamonds- Elizabeth bracelet


Another bracelet from “Creating Glamorous Jewelry” book.  This bracelet was pretty easy to put together. The only hesitation I have about recommending it for beginners is that the double wrapped wire loops on the pearl flower clusters have to be a similar size to a number 11 delica cylinder bead. I had very nice looking double wrapped loops, but they were the wrong size and I had to fix them.

The flower clusters were easy to create. But my nice round double loops did not fit in with my size 11 delicas well. So for every cluster, I had to smashed the double loops into an oval shape so that it matched the delicas width better. I am glad now that I continued making flower clusters until I ran out of Rosaline crystal pearls. I was able to get 30 clusters completed. I had about 4 clusters that I wasn’t able to use because the smashed double loop was done very poorly. Getting the pearl clusters’ double loop to fit well is the only problem I see a beginner having troubles with. It may be possible to get around problem by changing the bracelet base seed beads to size 8 delicas instead of size 11. This probably will give the clusters a bit of wiggle room but I am not certain if it would or how it would affect everything else. But it would be something to consider.

It is a substantial bracelet and is fairly heavy for a beaded bracelet. All together it probably took about 20 hours to complete. I actually had the flower clusters created back in February. It had to wait until I had a chance to get out to Overland Park to pick out seed beads and a clasp. Then I really only worked on it during breaks at work because it was too cold to go outside for a walk.

I haven’t added any leaves yet to the bracelet. I have been considering how to redo the leaves. I tried to make one following the instructions and the sides along the crystal were rolling around it so much while I was making it. I am guessing my square stitches were not securing the beads in between stitches. But I am glad that I haven’t added the leaves quite yet because I have an even bigger problem with the bracelet.

I absolutely dislike the clasp. I like that it is invisible. But the 8mm snap is so big that only one really fits on the band. The bracelet is pretty heavy so a single clasp point may experience a lot of pulling. I am afraid that the tugging and pulling of undoing the snap could cause the bracelet to break. But that may just be me worrying for nothing and the bracelet is stronger than I think it is. However, I really think I will end up re-doing this whole bracelet if I can find a better clasp. The snap is just too hard for me to put on myself and it takes several tries to be able to clasp it.

I dislike this clasp so much that I am not even going to try it on the next bracelet- “Maggie” from Creating Glamorous Jewelry with Swarovski Elements.