Maggie- a bracelet tribute to Natalie Woods


According to the introduction of this pattern in Creating Glamorous Jewelry with Swarovski Crystals, the pattern was inspired by a bracelet that Natalie Wood wore in the movie “The Great Race”.  I haven’t ever seen the movie.  The one time it was on Turner Classic Movies recently was when I wasn’t at home.  The picture in Jean Campbell’s book though looks very classy and the end result certainly didn’t disappoint at all. 

 This bracelet was specifically meant to go with the linen fabric I picked for a 1950’s style dress.  Since I wanted to be able to wear this bracelet with other outfits as well, I decided to go fairly simple with the color selections and only picked one of the colors from the dress fabric instead of two.  I used the last of my silver seed beads from the Olivia necklace.  Then I played with the plain and aurora borealis finish on my colored crystals. 

 I sat trying to figure out what I was supposed to do at Step 1 Curve part.  It just didn’t make sense.  The picture is only part of the component but I wasn’t really understanding which beads were the ones shown in the figure.  I kept trying until tragedy struck.  A size 15 silver bead said enough was enough and just broke.  So component one was taken apart to redo.  I then went ahead and skipped Step 1 Curve part.  From what I can tell, it may not be a necessary step.  My bracelet looks like it came out fine without this step. 

 I just could not put a snap clasp in another bracelet.  I have troubles putting on the bracelet I put a snap clasp on by myself.  This time I tried a mini magnetic clasp.  The little clasp is fairly flat.  Hopefully the little clasp will work well.  I couldn’t find anything else that looked like it would work. 

 Out of the four projects I have made from this book (Marlene, Olivia, Elizabeth, and Maggie), this is definitely the one I would recommend for a beginner.  Each link section only took about 20 minutes to make.  Each silver disc for the clasp was about 40 minutes.   Besides the Step 1 Curve, everything else is pretty easy.  After making a couple of links, you don’t even really need to have the book out to finish up the rest of the links. 

 This bracelet could look really cute (and perhaps modern) completed in a multiple colors. This may need to be considered for all the left-over 4mm crystal beads from previous project.  A burst of color should make a very spring inspired bracelet.   It would seriously be something to consider if I get to needing a quick bracelet for a special occasion or gift.  The look can be slightly different by adding more links in.  I really think this is the one I should make for my mom. It has a tennis bracelet look that she would like.  It may be intriguing to try using the links from this bracelet to make a band around a Christmas tree ornament.  It may be something to keep in mind when the next holiday season comes up.


(This was the best picture I could get quickly early this morning.)


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