Testing- Butterick 5710


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So, last night I was able to finish up my muslin of Butterick 5710.  I wasn’t certain of any fitting changes I needed to make so I figured to test a straight size 14.  From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like I need any major fitting changes.  If I change the side seams to a quarter of an inch, I think it will work well.  Anything someone thinks I should consider?  I think the bubbles on the back are from inserting a zipper without stretching the bias or putting interfacing on the seam to help the zipper. 

Besides working on the Butterick pattern, I found perfect towels to monogram for my bathroom.  I still have two towels left to complete. 


Tonight, I probably won’t get to work on my dress since I need to make strawberry shortcake to take to work.  I am using my favorite recipe from Jennifer Patterson of the Two Fat Ladies.

One thought on “Testing- Butterick 5710

  1. The wrinkles in the back are not from the zipper. Your high hip to bra band is too snug. Once you let that out the dress will fall smoothly down your body. If you still have horizontal wrinkles above the bra band as you do now that indicates too much length in your upper bodice as well and you will need to pinch out some fabric across the back bodice in that area tapering to nothing at the side seams. But don’t do that until you have let out the snug area. I would undo the stitching and try the muslin back on. The fabric will tell you where it needs to go and be widened or pinched out, really.

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