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Summer Fun

DSCI0072I pick the most un-summer like day in Kansas to start my swim suit.  It is cold (alright 70 degrees Fahrenheit but cold for July in Kansas), wet and dreary.  Everything that my pink tropical print is not.  I originally bought the pink swim suit fabric and some patterns in 2010.  It has just been sitting in a shoe box in the craft room closet because I was afraid I was picking a sewing project that would be way beyond my sewing skills.

All those bombshell swim wear projects were starting to get to me.  After seeing Dapper Duds’ bombshell bikini (check it out here: ), I broke down and bought the pattern.  The pattern envy got me.  Then I got to thinking after I bought a new swim suit from Old Navy, I actually have a book club pool party on August 9th to go to and I could try to make a swim suit.  Otherwise, if I couldn’t get it done by then, I could always take it on the murder mystery weekend with me.  October is a hit or miss month for warm pool weather.

Also, a great thanks to Hancock fabrics for their coupons and sales.  I was able to get 4 yards of lining plus all the sewing accessories for under $30.  I figured 4 yards to match the amount of swimwear fabric I had at home.  I am looking at it as a one time investment in have several coordinating tops and bottoms hopefully.

The bikini top is from McCall’s 5400.  I didn’t even bother measure my full bust and my upper bust.  From just looking, I am pretty sure I have more than a two-inch difference between the measurements.  So I went ahead and cut for the C/D cup.  I picked view C, the wider halter bikini top.  I had cut a size 14.  It seems to fit everywhere else fine except for it was loose at the bottom.  I shortened the clasp strap to probably the length of the size 12.  It fits better now after doing that.  It took about 5 hours from cut to finish.


My Singer Touch and Sew 7462 did have a tendency of skipping stitches on the zig-zag stitch with the elastic and even with just the knit fabric. But I went really slow and it was still skipping stitches on the zigzag.  So it looks like I will be searching for a sewing machine.

The bottom is from the very popular Bombshell swim suit from Closet Case Files.  I went ahead and cut the size 14 on it also.  I was sort of in between the 12 and 14 on the waist but definitely a 14 on the hips.  The size 14 fits pretty good.  It is only a little baggy in the bottom.  It may be that I cut the outer fabric slightly larger than the lining.  But I am not sure if this is it though but it has to be the reason.  However, I was able to fix this by pinching the excess up inside and stitching it.  All the rusching was able to cover it up.


When I get my new machine, I am going to go over the bottoms side seams and back seam again to make sure it stays.  I really love it and with the right sewing machine it is even easier than going swim suit shopping.

I didn’t get to wear it at my book club pool party.  It ended up being 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) out here in Kansas in August.  So the swim suit had to wait a couple of weeks before I could get pictures of it.  Thankfully, my sister let me go to the pool at her apartment building for the pictures.  Also, I have to thank her for taking the pictures too.  She did a wonderful job at photographer.