Cute Dolly pants- Simplicity 4297

After putting my four American girl dolls up on display in my living room at home, I decided to get another doll.  I was able to find a previously loved Kit doll to add to my four.  After she arrived at home, I took my mom to the American girl store by her house to get Kit’s accessories, doll socks for Felicity and Molly, and panties.  I got a socks from Addy’s collection and the modern girls area.  But American girl just does not have panties for the historic dolls.  I will have to make panties for my dolls myself.  Hopefully Samantha’s panties stay up until there are new ones.


Another rummage through the scrap box yielded this navy blue cotton.  It isn’t exactly navy, but a lighter color of navy.  I am not sure what else to call it but navy.  Maybe I should go on the Pantone color website to see if I can find a closer color name?  There was enough for two pairs of pants.  One for my dolls and one to give away (most likely to either Toys for Tots or the Christmas Worthy Cause).


Going for variety in the wardrobe, I decided to make pants.  I already had made a dress and a couple of pairs of shorts.  The shorts are waiting for me to finish up the blouse that I cut out before being shared and reviewed.  At the time I only had Simplicity 4297 which had pants pattern.  These were fairly simple elastic waist pants.  The pattern is simple enough to be a beginner’s pattern.  My only difficulty was getting the waist band around my sewing machine’s free arm.  So I do wish I would have done the waistband on the front and back separately then put the side seams together.  I can’t remember exactly how the directions told you to do it.  I went ahead and hemmed the pants before sewing the in-seam.  It made the pants much easier to hem on the machine.


My model Kit has on her “Meet” cardigan set, shoes, and accessories with the new blue pants.  Just so everyone knows that I didn’t make her top.  I just can’t knit at all so her top is well beyond what I could make.

My upcoming sewing project include making curtains for my parents’ living room, Simplicity 5822 for Pattern Review’s vintage contest, a doll dress, a doll blouse, and possibly another apron.

One thought on “Cute Dolly pants- Simplicity 4297

  1. As a grandma, I’ve been sewing doll clothes for decades, and like to make them so they truly look like miniature people clothes. Sewing doll clothes is definitely different in construction than sewing clothes for people, too. Sewing machines like to sew straight lines and flat pieces of fabric much better than curved lines, so I like to keep my doll pieces in straight lines (and flat pieces) for as long as possible during the construction. For a full elastic waist pattern: Sew the side seams and then the front just to the front crotch, fold over your waistline channel and stitch it down. Thread the elastic through the channel tacking it so it holds at each end, stitch bottom hems, sew the back crotch to meet where you sewed the front, then in one motion starting at one ankle, sew up the inseams to the other ankle. Sewing the inseam last on pants and shorts, etc. keeps the open seam at the inside of the legs, rather than the outside. If you don’t like the open seam at the bottom inside of the legs, you could always wait until last and sew the hems by hand. For a waistline that has elastic only in the back, then instead of sewing the side seams and the front just to the front crotch, sew the back pieces just to the crotch and make your channel on just those (now connected) two back pieces, just as you were thinking! If you are ever sewing on a machine without a free arm this is definitely the best way to sew doll clothes and tiny things. You are on exactly the right track! Keep in mind how to put it together with the least curves to sew and keeping the pieces flat for as long as possible. Pressing seams as you sew is a huge help toward an item that looks professional, too. Your blog inspires me to get back to sewing doll clothes. Thank you. 🙂

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