Jewelry for Visiting Downton Abbey- Beadwork 12/2008

DSCI0163 I got the Egyptian Cuff bracelet pattern from a free e-book on the Beading Daily website.  But if you have the issue of Beadwork December 2008/ January 2009 magazine, it is in there also.

I could easily see this bracelet being worn on Downton Abbey (granted their bracelet probably would cost more than $35).  I think this bracelet has an art-deco style with the rectangles and loops.  If the oval fringe loops are done in a different seed bead color than the rectangular stations, it would really highlight the art-deco feel of the bracelet.  I didn’t really see this until after I got started on my bracelet.  It may be something to think about if I ever make this bracelet again.  Each rectangular station is created using a three layer Right Angle weave and then connected together.  I picked a champagne colored delica bead and the Indian pink crystals.  The stations resemble waffle fries sort of with a line of honeysuckle pink crystals down it.  When you look at the completed bracelet picture in the instructions, it looks a lot denser than what the actual results are.


This is a good beginner project.  The pattern isn’t too hard, the directions are very clear, and there are nice diagrams.  Recommended advice is to carefully watch what direction you start your second level.  One cannot go complete the seven beads across the first level.  The third level will not work out if the second layer is wrong.  The second level has to start with the adding 3 beads across the width.  This was the only thing I could come up with as to why I had to tear apart the second station I made.  I could have messed up something else but I couldn’t see what else I did wrong.


The hardest part of the bracelet was finding a pretty clasp.  The pattern only calls for a magnetic tube clasp.  But I really wanted to keep with the art deco style and thought a box clasp would look perfect on it.  The box style clasp would also mimic the tile stations too.  Anyways, since the delica beads are smaller than regular seed beads, I needed something with a little more length so the bracelet fit comfortable around my wrist.

This pattern could easily be adapted for a necklace.  The oval fringe would be longer (probably around two inches between stations) and on the short (4 stitch) side.

This is the second make of this bracelet. The first one I made was too small using groups of 4 for outside loops and 7 for the center loops (7 inches total). The 7 inch bracelet didn’t give my wrist enough room to move. The second version is slightly too big and I used groups of 6 for outside and 8 in the center (approximately 7.5 inches). So probably after the new year, I will redo this again and try for 7.25 inches.

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