Fun with the new machine

In August, I decided that I wanted to replace my primary sewing machine. It wasn’t able to do all that I wanted it to do. I was frustrated at its performance on my swim suit. I went around to several different sewing machine dealers to look at new machines. I had narrowed my selection down to three different machines Viking Opal 670, Janome 4120 QDC, and the Pfaff Ambition. Since this was a lot of money, I decide to wait until November and see if the sewing machines went on sale for the holidays.

While at the sewing expo in Overland Park, I did check prices of the sewing machines on my list. Price decided which machine I would get. I didn’t want to fall in love with a machine I just couldn’t afford. In the end, the Pfaff Ambition Essential was ordered. It was hard to wait the 2 weeks for it to arrive at home (it would have been earlier except I couldn’t get out to Overland Park again until the Friday).

Last weekend I took the time between baking cookies for work to play with my new machine. The Pfaff Ambition Essential was a dream to sew with. The only items I had ready to put together were doll clothing. Over the weekend, I was able to get a top, leggings, a coat, and jeans completed. It handled woven fabric fine, dealt with the knit fabric for the leggings without a ballpoint needle, and didn’t even skip a stitch when it came time for the denim of the jeans.


The coat is from Simplicity 4347 (1950s reprint). The only pattern pieces are pockets, collar, and coat body. The front of the coat, back of the coat, and sleeves are cut as one piece. There is no lining for the coat, but the coat body piece can be used to create one if really wanted. There are very few seams center back, and 2 side seams. There wasn’t a facing for the collar either which would have been nice to have so that could be neatly finished, but I went ahead and zigzagged the edge of the collar down to the coat. It was extremely easy to put together. It would definitely be a fun pattern for a beginner to use.


I also had the blouse from this pattern cut out too, but ran out of time to get it done over the weekend.

Kirsten is modeling the Liberty Jane skinny jeans and peplum top. The peplum top was pretty easy to get put together. I don’t recommend straying too far from the instructions. I was too eager to see what the top would look like that I had put together all the outside first then decided to go back to the lining. This way the armhole are very hard to finish.  This is the second version of this top which I followed the instructions on (mostly except I didn’t want to put a zipper in). Turning the bodice is a little tricky especially since one is pulling the back through a narrow shoulder strap.

DSCI0061 (2)

I didn’t want to fight with the zipper. It is terrible but the top is for a doll, and I just do not always get consistently perfect looking zippers. I didn’t feel like hand sewing the zipper either. Instead I switched the fastener to a Velcro. If I want to keep with a Velcro closure, I will need to add a bit of width to the pattern.

The jeans are just too cute. I noticed a major difference in the fit of the skinny jeans on my dolls. It took me about 5 minutes to put the jeans on Kirsten. I want to go back and make a version with a half-inch extra in width to see if that better fits my dolls. Otherwise, the pattern is very well draft and fits together well. I strayed a little from the instructions. The instructions have you insert the elastic in the round, but I went ahead and inserted the elastic when the jeans were flat before closing the back seam.

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