Jungle January went to the Dolls- Simplicity 4347

I may not be styling animal print this Jungle January, but one of my American girl dolls is instead. Hopefully Anne at Petty Grievances can forgive me. I really did buy a snake-skin patterned rayon Challis for myself, but I just don’t think I will have time to fit a pattern.

I had finished cutting out my navy and white fabric for the quilt blocks. I had enough fabric left over to squeeze out a couple of doll skirts.

The pattern used for Molly’s outfit is Simplicity 4347 (same one that I made the navy wool coat from).

DSCI0075 DSCI0078 DSCI0082

The top is from view B, C, and D. It isn’t very hard to put together. I think I had the entire top finished in 20 to 30 minutes but that doesn’t include cutting. I will admit, when I saw this lying flat on my floor, I didn’t think it would look cute on my dolls at all. It looks so much better on the dolls than flat.

The skirt is sort of combo of view B, C, and D. I didn’t put the pocket on it. The pocket would have gotten lost in the zebra print. There isn’t much sewing involved in the skirt. A lot of gathering the long rectangle into the waistband. I didn’t have enough fabric to follow the grain recommendations on the waistband piece. But the skirt still worked out well. Next time, I would add some length in the waistband. It was a little tight on Molly.

Even though this is a reprint of a 1950s pattern, everything is still pretty modern and usable today (especially depending on fabric choice).

The next post I swear will be something for myself.  Just to get out of the doll rut.


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