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UK Holiday Outfit


So sick leave is over. I didn’t get as much sewing done I had planned. But I did get done two pairs of plaid doll shorts from Eden Ava pattern, another navy doll coat (Simplicity 4347), a white doll top (Simplicity 4347) and another zebra print gathered skirt also from Simplicity 4347. A pair of shorts, the coat, top, and skirt were all for the charity sack. I still have plenty of small projects left in the box to finish up between projects.

As I am pondering on alterations for my next dress, I went ahead made one of my doll tops that was in the need a small project box. I had already used the legging pattern for the UK Holiday outfit at least 4 times. This time I made the top to go with the black and grey striped leggings I made in December.



This top requires more than just fabric, elastic, and Velcro. The instructions call for hem tape to create elastic casings. I did go out and purchase that from my local fabric store. However, I think it would be possible to use fabric strips instead. Bias strips may not work because you are wanting no stretch.

Maybe it was exhaustion but that hem tape was harder to apply to the sleeves than it looked. Other than that, I really didn’t have any difficulties with the pattern. The instructions are very easy to follow.



Our model this time is Samantha. Samantha was the first American girl doll I got (in the mid-1990s), so she is a little larger than the new dolls. Even knowing that beforehand, I didn’t make any adjustments to the fit of the pattern. Just sewed it as is. The top still fit Samantha fine.

Next major post should be Simplicity 5822 from 1964. I just started it over the weekend.


Quick Check in

I can’t believe I am just 4 views away from 5,000. Wow! That is a lot more than I ever expected.

So, last Thursday I had laparoscopic surgery. Surgery went fine even though I was an absolute nervous. I have all of this up-coming week off of work for recovery.

I have been able to do a lot of reading the past couple days. Today was pretty much the first day I actually felt like doing some crafts. I was able to make a beaded flower from the book “Beaded Allure”. Then later in the day I put together some doll shorts. Sitting at the sewing machine wasn’t the most comfortable which probably means I will have to stick with light small projects like doll clothes for a couple of weeks. I had hoped next week of moving on to a silk dress but the bruises and incisions need to heal more before that.

So everyone out in the sewing world keep posting those beautifully done projects. Hopefully I will get to post one next month.