Quick Check in

I can’t believe I am just 4 views away from 5,000. Wow! That is a lot more than I ever expected.

So, last Thursday I had laparoscopic surgery. Surgery went fine even though I was an absolute nervous. I have all of this up-coming week off of work for recovery.

I have been able to do a lot of reading the past couple days. Today was pretty much the first day I actually felt like doing some crafts. I was able to make a beaded flower from the book “Beaded Allure”. Then later in the day I put together some doll shorts. Sitting at the sewing machine wasn’t the most comfortable which probably means I will have to stick with light small projects like doll clothes for a couple of weeks. I had hoped next week of moving on to a silk dress but the bruises and incisions need to heal more before that.

So everyone out in the sewing world keep posting those beautifully done projects. Hopefully I will get to post one next month.

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