1854’s School Day on the Prairie- Kirsten’s School Dress


I really wanted to make something for Kirsten. However much I adore the looks of the winter outfit from American Girl, I knew there was no way I would be able to knit a patterned doll sweater. Probably not even able to knit a plain doll sweater also. I had to settle for something easier that I could actually make.

I decided upon the school dress from the Pleasant Company. Nothing in my scrap bin looked acceptable for a calico look which is what I wanted more. Something that would at least be reminisce of 1850s mid-west. At Wal-Mart one early morning, I looked in the fabric remnant bin and found this dark blue rose print quilting cotton. It was the closest I could find at a reasonable price.


Cutting out wasn’t too bad. The bodice front does have a fairly tight curve so I had to use my scissors instead of the rotary cutter for that. The pattern calls for ½ yard of fabric and it does pretty much take up the whole amount. I think I had about a 9 inch by 8 inch scrap left afterwards. Nothing much to make anything else out of it.

The instructions are well written. But if you are a visual person, the pictures in the directions do not have a lot of detail. That could be why there is a “warning” that the pattern is for experienced seamstresses only and children need the experienced seamstress’ guidance. Also with the pdf, sometimes the picture got split between two pages. Luckily, I came across the blog “Hello Kirsti” which had a nice tutorial with pictures to consult also. I included the blog link at the bottom of the post. A quick glance at her pictures was very helpful.


All the pieces came together well. I was sort of apprehensive about this just because I had used the pdf file and had to piece the pattern pieces together. The dress was easy to sew together. As I was working on this, I realized that I forgot to cut the neck-band or that I had accidentally trashed the neck-band. I am not sure which one. I was easily able to get the same fabric at the store that matched what I had

I was able to create this dress for about $5.68.

Hello Kirsti’s Kirsten’s school dress tutorial: http://www.hellokirsti.com/2012/09/kirstens-school-dress-sew-long.html

AG playthings patterns: http://www.agplaythings.com/AG%20Patterns/DollDressPatterns.html


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