Scalloped Cutie- Butterick 3513

It is time for the vintage pattern contest at Pattern Review. This time I was going to participate in a contest that I wanted to.

DSCI0082 DSCI0081 DSCI0083

I am always needing to make more separates so I decided to make Butterick 3513 from the mid-1960’s. It was between this or a similar Vogue 7403 from mid-1960s too (probably 1967). I made the sleeveless scallop collar in view C since I love to pair items with a cardigan for work. The handkerchief linen is see-through (maybe not the best for a unlined blouse). I will have to wear a camisole under this for sure. Otherwise, any future tops from this fabric will have to be lined.

This blouse pattern was pretty much straight up and down at 40 inch circumference. From that I figured I should be ok in the bust area, fine at the waist and lacking width in the hip area. I did shorten the blouse by an inch in length. I used the seam hinge pattern alteration method again. This time I added 4 inches to the bottom at the hips and tapered back up to nothing at the arm.

Before I even cut the fabric out, I was concerned that the linen would fray a lot. So, all edges were run through the serger machine. For some unknown reason, my pinking shears went missing. I can’t find them anywhere that I have thought I could put them. They will probably show up after I go and get a new pair. It would have been nice to have them for trimming the neckline area.

I basted the left side together and tried it on hoping that I would not need to install a zipper. But after trying it on, I realized I do need the zipper. Also from the first try-on session, I realized the arm is too tight and I felt like I was falling out of the top in the front. The dickey is a must. I did not want it to be removable. I am afraid removable may mean a wardrobe malfunction.

I took about a half inch off the armhole on the top. I used bias to finish the armhole for less bulk and less to show through the linen.

Also, I hand stitched the neckline facing down.

If I make this pattern again, I will definitely not shorten the length at all. I would also adjust the arm area and possibly add some more to the bust area.

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