Lacy Finery: Heritage Doll Fashion Harriet’s Yellow Dress

One of the last patterns from my recent doll pattern spending spree was Heritage Doll Fashion’s Harriet’s Yellow dress. I think I got it mostly because it looked simpler than a couple of the other patterns I had purchased. After looking at the directions, they were the least intimidating. So that means it was the first to try out.


According to Pixie Faire website, this pattern is rated as intermediate. I don’t know if I quite agree with that. It was fairly easy to put together. But, this isn’t a dress that you can put together for your dolls in a couple of hours. It took me about 8 hours to complete this dress. I did get it finished all in one day but I started early in the morning. However, Harriet’s yellow dress isn’t a pattern that someone who hasn’t sewn before could do by themselves.


All the work is in the details of the dress. I think the intermediate rating probably comes from the amount of lace on the dress.   This dress took a lot of lace, 4.5 yards of lace. All of that lace had to be pinned on. So by the end of the project, my poor fingers looked like Swiss cheese with the amount of times I pricked myself with pins.


After I put the new dress on Marie Grace, I had to remove her hoop skirt (from AG) and her petticoat (that I made) also. There was just too much at her waist to neatly fasten the Velcro in back. It was bulging and that was even with the undergarments waistbands at different locations. So, now all that Marie Grace has on under her dress is the chemise (from AG) and her pantalettes.   If you are going for the “traditional” look with undergarments, you will need to add to the waist of the dress some.


I forgot to look at the receipt for the price I paid for the lace. So roughly guessing, I think this dress cost me $15.00 to make.

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