Ruffled Earrings- Beadwork Feb/ March 2011

After finishing my Gabriola skirt, I really wanted to make a bracelet to go with it. I found a pattern I liked in a magazine and ordered the beads I wanted for it. So while I was waiting on my shipment of beads, I decided to follow the suggestion in the pattern and make a pair of earrings using the link components.


All the beads used were from my bead stash.  I decided to use the blue fabric background for the pictures because the colors of the earrings are bronze, gold, and silver.  I wasn’t certain if the gold would show up on my tan-colored sofa.  But I guess it did not matter because the blue seems to wash out the gold also and make the silver look like blue.

The pattern used is Ruffled Chain Bracelet by Laina Goodman. It was in Beadwork Magazine February/ March 2011 issue. It uses circular peyote stitch, herringbone stitch, and picots.

For each earring, it took about an hour to make.




2 thoughts on “Ruffled Earrings- Beadwork Feb/ March 2011

  1. Love these earrings, and for me I would take about 2 days or weeks, or whatever, to finish these! Beadwork, I cannot do. sewing, knitting, crochet, even embroidery, yes, but beadwork and jewelry making elude me. Oh well!

  2. Thank you! It isn’t as hard as it looks, but beadwork requires patience. So I think that is what gets everyone. Hopefully whomever I give them to will wear and appreciate it too.

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