Summers can be Murder-Vogue 1344 (Rebecca Taylor dress)

Last weekend was murder mystery weekend!  This time my mom and I tried out the murder mystery weekend at the Higher Ground Hotel out in Independence Missouri.  This was different from our usual murder mystery weekends.  It was an immersion style play which was centered around Harry S. Truman (whose house is across the street from the hotel).


We started out with going out to the garden to get pictures of my new me-made dress.  There was a brief thought of waiting until the Saturday afternoon for the garden party, but luckily we did not wait as there was rain forecasted on Saturday.  After pictures in the garden, we went to dinner.  All the dishes for dinner came from a Bess Truman cookbook.  The characters come in and mingle with the guests.  President Truman and Bess arrive after the salad course.  By the end of the dinner and reception with President Truman, Archie was dead.



Saturday, the detective came in and told us what housekeeping found in Archie’s room.  We take the paper with clue locations and went out to Independence Square to search for the clues that Archie left.  After that, we went back to the hotel and relaxed.  I read and kept an eye on the World Cup game.  My mom took a nap.  In the afternoon, there was a wine tasting and hors-d’oeuvres party.  It was supposed to be out in the garden but about an hour before, the rain started.

At dinner, the characters came back in and mingled with the guest.  We got to hear about their night in the police station.  At dessert, we filled out our solution form and turned it in.  After a few minutes, we found out who the murder was.  My mom and I had the correct answer and the correct motive.


On to the pattern review:

As mentioned before, I was able to get pictures of my new dress out in their pretty little garden on Friday night before dinner.  Here is my dress for Handmade by Heather B’s Summer Sundress Sew-along.  It is Vogue 1344 from designer Rebecca Taylor.  I didn’t do a muslin and cut a straight size 14.


I tried to squeak this dress out on what was left of the teal rayon Challis from the Gabriola skirt but it wouldn’t work.  I just didn’t have enough to make the front overlay.  So scouring through the fabric stash yielded the floral rayon Challis.  I was able to get everything to fit on what I had and had room to spare for bias (for the arm area if needed) and possibly a couple of doll tops.  That was with putting a seam in the center back skirt only (the only cutting change I had to make).

I really didn’t follow Vogue’s recommendations at all.  The pattern is designed for charmeuese, crepe de chine, and voile.  All of those are lighter than the rayon Challis I had in my stash.  So I didn’t use the lining.  Since I didn’t have the lining I could not follow the instructions for the waistline elastic casing.  I just zigzagged it on the waist area.  I may see about picking up some bias tape and making an elastic casing for the waist.


I started my pattern a little differently that the instructions.  I went ahead and did the skirt section first before putting together the bodice and all those pleats.  The nice easy section of the dress.  The second night was for tackling the bodice pleats.

I used my serger to over lock all of the seams.  After I had over-locked the waist, I went ahead and tried the dress on.  It was then that I realized I did the wrap front backwards.  There was no way I was going to unpick the over lock stitch and the regular straight stitches out of the dress.  So it stayed that way.


The neckline facing is all hand sewn at the bottom so it would not flip out.

I probably could have used the size 12 at the shoulders.  They are a touch big.

Pattern Review is starting their pattern stash competition in July.  I have already scoured my stash and came up with 4 lovely patterns to try.  Two are tops (McCall’s 5884 and Deer & Doe Airelle) and the other two are dresses (Vogue 8379 and Simplicity 2246).

2 thoughts on “Summers can be Murder-Vogue 1344 (Rebecca Taylor dress)

  1. I love your dress, it looks fabulous. And the murder-mystery weekend sounds like a ton of fun! TFS, and I came here from Pattern Review, so hello! Annette

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