Peplum Cutie- Lee & Pearl Wrap dress 1031

DSCI0069I had just picked up Molly Waves Goodbye from Lee and Pearl at the end of April.  A couple of days later, Lee and Pearl came out with the ultra-adorable Wrap dress pattern.  I think I lasted about 2 days before I decided that I had to have it for my dolls.  If my dolls were pets, they would be classified as spoiled rotten since they are always getting new clothes (either store-bought, patterns, or handcrafted).

I had just finished Marie Grace’s blue lacy dress at the end of May.  There wasn’t enough of that fabric left to make another blue lacy dress.  But there was enough of it left for one or two wrap tops from the new Lee and Pearl pattern that I had just picked up.


So for a woven fabric, this is rated easy.  Otherwise, the knit fabrics have an intermediate rating on them.  For my cotton top, the construction was easy.  I did have one boo-boo where I put the pleats on the wrong side of a front piece.  But that was me not paying attention to what I was doing.  It was easy to fix.

For the sleeveless versions, fabrics with nice drape would possibly work better.  Since I used what I think is a cotton broadcloth, I had a little trouble getting a nice clean finish on the tight curve of the arm area.  Some of the white serger thread is showing.  If you are using a quilting type cotton, you may want to consider using bias to finish the armhole or a rolled hem foot.  I haven’t really mastered my rolled hem foot yet, so I didn’t use it here.


I did notice that my pleats look different from the pictures in the pattern.  At first I thought it had to do with the cotton fabric, but looking back at the instructions I realized I top-stitched the pleats instead of basting them.

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