Deer & Doe Airelle

What does one do after a sewing disappointment? One starts another project. Alright, technically I probably should have done another knit fabric project to work on those skills. But the other patterns planned for the pattern stash were woven fabric. It is best to stick to the plan. I will admit that my ambition to get this made quickly went down the drain after the Vogue knit wrap dress. I just knew I would not be getting the 4th pattern done before the end of July so I took my time.



I graded from a 42 at the bust to a 44 at the waist. I just used the triangle notch to determine the waist. Then from the 44 I graded out to a 46 at the hips. There is more room at the hip area than I had thought so I could have probably used just the 44 to the hip area.

On future sleeveless version, I may look at doing an alteration at the arm area. In the back there is a wedge of extra fabric which looks like it is wearing ease for the sleeve but I am completely guessing on this.


The back of the instruction book has a view of using the Airelle blouse pattern for a dress. I wish I had snapped a photo of that to share. I would like to make it again as a dress.

Finally, an apology for the not so great pictures. This was the best I could do with the timer and late in the evening.

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