Inspired by Vogue Pattern Magazine (1950)

Something just for fun today since I haven’t gotten pictures of my recent makes.

If you sew, by now, you probably heard that McCall’s Pattern Company has started a blog.  If you haven’t, go over and check it out .  I think the post I enjoyed the most so far is the one about the 1950’s Vogue Pattern Magazine Article on seven college pieces to sew.

For fun, I went ahead and put together a list that I think would work well for my dolls.  My list of essential pieces is extended or modified from the original list.

Short Coat options:

This is a tough one.  I love the coat I made with Simplicity 4347, but is it too long to be a short coat option?  Otherwise, I think my pick would have to be Liberty Jane’s Piccadilly Pea coat pattern (even though I haven’t tried it out yet).  I love the pleats in the back.


One Piece dress options:

Ok, this one is much easier to pick patterns for but the only problem is how to just pick one.  I did narrow it down to two.  My two picks are Bonjour Teaspoon’s Taylor Regatta dress and Lee & Pearl’s 1031 (classic wrap dress).

Separate skirt options:

Based on how Molly was dressed for several months, Simplicity 4347 would have to be my pick.


Tailored shirt

Is a tailored shirt really necessary for a doll?  This was the dilemma I looked at.  If the answer is yes, then I would like to pick Butterick 6035.  Butterick 6035 is designed more for the NOLA American girl dolls so it doesn’t really have the collar and buttons down the front.  Apparently, I can’t seem to find a really good one with a collar and button down front.  Pleasant Company has two (one in Addy’s collection and one in Molly’s collection).  They at least had a collar plus they are free patterns!  Otherwise, I like Gennie-wren Design’s Harriet Sailor outfit top, but I don’t think it will appeal to modern (perfect for Samantha and Rebecca).

If the answer is no, there are several cute tops out there.  These are patterns I haven’t tried out yet.  But I think Liberty Jane’s baseball t-shirt, Dolly Duds polo shirt, and of course it wouldn’t hurt to include the option of Lee & Pearl’s 1031 (classic wrap dress as a peplum top).


Odd Jacket options:

Odd jacket category has to belong to Liberty Jane. The Penny Lane jacket and the Boomerit Falls Jacket are so cute. I have a Penny Lane jacket cut, but haven’t gotten around to sewing it up yet.

Suit options:

Here is the one that I do differ from McCall’s on.  They thought the traditional suit wasn’t applicable to today.  But what will a college girl wear on an interview for a summer internship or even after graduation for a job interview?  For the doll pattern choice there was no questions on this one, but I would definitely pick Lee & Pearl’s 1943 (Molly Waves Goodbye).  I am just finishing this pattern up and the end product looks absolutely adorable.  Look for this post soon.

Strapless dress

I know some would not mind a strapless dress on their dolls, but I don’t like that at all. Now my next problem in this category is that most of the fancier dresses I have are geared towards the historical dolls.  I definitely could use help here.


I don’t know about anyone else, but this is an essential in my college wardrobe so I added it.  My favorite doll pant patterns are Simplicity 4297 and Liberty Jane’s jeans.



DSCI0061 (2)

What would you think should be considered in the list?


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