Kit’s jeans- Liberty Jane Boot cut Jeans


I made this with the left over stretch denim from my Vogue 1247 (Rachel Comey) skirt.  I had added a half-inch total to the pattern (a quarter per piece) since most of my dolls are the older ones.

The pattern went together easily.  I didn’t exactly follow the instructions.  I added the waistband in flat then finished up the back seam.


So Kit has a baggy bottom on her jeans.  I think this is because of the stretch denim, which did have a lot of stretch to it.  So if you use stretch denim, don’t add any width to the pattern for the older dolls.  I probably should test this pattern with the extra width in a non-stretch denim just to make sure it was fabric choice that caused the baggy bottom.  I know the skinny jeans from Liberty Jane’s jean bundle were tight on my older dolls when made in a non stretch denim.  Adding a half-inch really helped out on that with the non stretch denim.


Just for reference, the top and hat were from Kit’s school outfit.  I didn’t make either one.  The navy blue coat is from the Simplicity 4347.



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