2015 Sew Powerful Purse Project

DSCI0035 Sew Powerful started their 2015 purse drive back in July.  The drive runs until October 1, 2015 but purses will be accepted after that date.  In case you haven’t heard about the Sew Powerful purse drive, you make a purse using the pattern provided for free from the Sew Powerful website and mail it in to the address provided.  Ok, that is the case simplified.  But it is what happens after you mail in the purse that is the most important.  Those purses collected are sent to Lusaka, Zambia.  The purses are part of the menstration hygiene management program.  The purses get paired with  re-usable sanitary pads and distributed to girls needing the supplies.  Without these supplies the girls would miss school at those times of the month.  A simple purse is able to help a girl get a better education.


Here is the purse I made using 2015’s purse pattern.  I made view A (the purse on the pattern cover).  I used an olive-green cotton twill and pink quilting cotton.  This went together in about 4 evenings (probably about 2 hours each evening).


Being completely honest, there isn’t much difference in the pattern pieces from 2014 to 2015.  Main difference is the front flap pocket.


I think the biggest improvement over last year’s pattern was in the instructions.  While I was making the 2014’s purse, I felt lost and like the pictures didn’t really give me the detail I needed to follow the instructions.  This year I felt that the pictures complemented the instructions and clarified what was meant.  I think the greater contrast between pieces and some of the photos were closer up than before.  The instructions are also formatted better so that information isn’t lost in the instructions.


Please go check out   Sew Powerful.  The priority deadline is Thursday October 1, 2015.  They will still accept purses after that date.

Here is the second purse I made.




My friend Betsy from the KC Pinheads group (a bunch of Kansas City area sewing enthusiasts that get together for lunch and talk sewing) made a couple of purses also for this project.  So here is the picture of all four of the purses together before I mailed them off to Washington last week.



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