Anne St. Clair’s Bra Workshop

So I have several projects done, but I really haven’t made time to get pictures lately.  Right now the stack of projects for pictures includes 2 scarves/cowls, one beaded bracelet, one skirt, one dress (which had been finished for quite a while), and a couple of tops from Maria Denmark.

But instead of working on blogging that pile, I decided to take time to blog about the sewing class I just took over the weekend.  I took the two-day Bra Workshop with Anne St. Clair.  It was two very intense days but the end results were great.

So Friday night was the fitting and lecture.  Beforehand, I had sent the requested measurement to Anne so she was able to pick out one of her fitting bras for me to try on.

The lecture went over part of the bra, how a well fitted bra components should look on the person, and the differences between ready to wear and making your own.

I don’t have any pictures from the actual class.  I was too busy sewing.  Anyways, I left my camera at home.

Saturday was completely dedicated to sewing the bra.  I was given the Queen Elite pattern.  I made a 37 F  in size.  The fit is very good.  I need to readjust the straps to be a bit shorter.  This was made using power bar fabric, tricot, elastics and under wires.  One of the hardest parts was to insert the channeling.  It needs to be stretched as it is going in so that took several tries.


The outside

I have enough fabric to make at least 4 more of the Queen Elite bras.  My only modification will be to add a little bit of batting to the cups.  It is more personal preference but I feel like two pieces of thin fabric is not enough for the cups.


The inside

I am currently working on my entry into Pattern Review’s sew small contest.  I decided to do an outfit for my dolls.  I tried to keep with patterns I haven’t used yet except for the top (that is Simplicity 1086).  My original plan is a purse, top, skirt, and coat.  Last night I cut out the Glengarry hat from Lee & Pearl so that got added too.

As for other fall/ winter sewing plans, I would like to follow along with the McCall’s pattern sew-along for Vogue 1467, Closet Case Files’ Ginger jeans and the Jalie jean pattern that is so popular, the Jasper dress, t-shirts, underwear and maybe Butterick 6018 (that 1912 coat).  I don’t think I am ready yet to tackle the Colette patterns Lady Grey coat.

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