Irish Sea Boot Cuffs


The Irish Sea set of boot cuffs is from Leisure Arts #75472, Boot Cuffs & Ear Warmers.  I picked up the book in August and it probably wasn’t until September when I bought yarn for a project. I picked up Lion brand wool ease in Blush Heather.  I really didn’t think about being able to wear with what I own/ make; I just picked a color I thought was pretty.  But at least this goes with several items in my wardrobe.

Irish Sea is only my third different crochet project.  The finished cuffs are actually the second and the third cuffs made.  Cuff number one was a practice cuff.  The ribbing in front/ back fence post half double crochet did require practice to get it down.  Otherwise, the pattern instructions are easy to follow.  As previously stated, since this was my third crochet project, I didn’t end up with identical cuffs.  Cuff two has extra front fence post stitches in the back (it looks like I miss counted on stitches).  Cuff three matched the book exactly.

Stitches used in the cuff are the front/ back fence post for half-double crochet and double crochet, regular half-double crochet, and regular double crochet (for the shells).  I used a H-sized crochet hook.

I wasn’t able to take my own picture wearing these, but they fit fine.

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