Kirsten’s Chemise- Pleasant Company’s Kirsten’s Pretty Clothing

DSCI0020I used book club weekend to catch up with some more doll sewing, mainly doll undergarments. I had previously cut out 2 of Kirsten’s chemises from the Pleasant Company’s Kirsten’s Pretty Clothing.  These pattern are of the actual collection that at the time Pleasant Company made for the American Girl dolls.

I was able to put both chemises together in one afternoon (including a break for lunch and tea time because some bunny would be mad if he didn’t get to eat). I think my chemises are from white broadcloth cotton.  I used a little over 1 spool of lace for both (but I added lace at the bottom hem which the pattern doesn’t include).


So as to the pattern. It does go together fairly easily.  I like the neckline lace finish but I do not care for how it is completed.  There are sections on the neckline that should be gathered to recommended lengths stated in the instructions and you are to stitch the gathers in place.  After the gathers, one then applies the lace.  No overall neckline length is stated for the lace piece.  I don’t feel that this gives the most reliable of finishes.  I would much prefer to sew the gathers in place to a piece of bias trim then apply the lace to the top of that.  I understand the recommended method has less bulk and can still yield a clean finish but am still not fond of it.

The recommended closure was a small button and buttonhole. Pattern just says small button.  I decided to use Velcro instead.  For one thing, I know my machine hates doing button holes for small quarter-inch buttons.  Secondly, the quarter-inch buttons are hard for me to close so I would assume a child would have similar difficulties.


As a reminder, my Kirsten doll was purchased somewhere between 1993 to 1995. The chemise does have a loose fit.  For any of the newer Mattel dolls, definitely try on the chemise before finishing it up as those dolls are usually thinner than my older dolls. This chemise would probably be huge on them.  I think the picture below shows the looseness well.



I have made the pantalettes before so be sure to check out this post too if interested:


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