Queen Elite 2

Queen Elite (front)

Queen Elite (front)

So I finally made another Queen Elite bra from my class kit I got last year.  I made the same size as in the class a 37F.  However, this time I added an eighth of an inch on the center back (for a total of a quarter inch).  I did not make any changes to the length of elastics.  That definitely help the bra feel better.  My class one was just a touch too tight that it left red marks when I took it off.

Queen Elite (inside)

Queen Elite (inside)

This time, I decided to pre-stretch the channeling before applying it to the bra cups seam allowances.  It really helped me apply the channeling easier.  Probably not recommended but it gave me one item to focus my attention on at the time and that was stitching closely to the edge in the cup seam allowance.

Queen Elite (inside)

Queen Elite (inside)

I did pick up the new sizes of the Orange Lingerie Marlborough bra but I am not ready to try out a new pattern quite yet.

Last night, I did get four purses for the Sew Powerful Purse project cut out along with a skirt and my August murder mystery quilt block.




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