Doll Pattern/ Tutorial Links- 2016

Pattern Doll Clothing 2016

For the upcoming Doll Clothing Week, here are links to free patterns/ tutorials and such.



Please realize that the list isn’t sorted by doll types.  There is probably more free doll patterns on the internet that are not included in this list; please list them below in the comments.

As of August 2016, all patterns in the list were listed as free and links were correct.  It is the right of the pattern designer to change that if he or she so decides; please realize it is your responsibility to check that the pattern is still free.

There are probably more patterns on Wren*Feathers ( but my search was from November of 2015 to August 2016.  Also, at Pixie Faire website, there is Free Pattern Friday.  One pre-selected pattern will be free for that Friday only.

All patterns are owned by the designer; they were kind enough to release them free on the internet so please don’t sell the patterns.




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