Doll Clothing Week- Keeper Dolly Duds

Pattern Doll Clothing 2016

For the first ever doll clothing week, I was able to get a couple of doll clothing designers to answer a couple of “get to know you” type of questions.  Today’s Doll Clothing Designer is Eve from Keepers Dolly Duds.  All of Keeper Dolly Duds patterns (except ones issued by Simplicity) are located on Eve’s Etsy store.

1. What was your first doll?

My earliest memory is of a baby doll that I sewed a dress for when I was four. I truly don’t remember what kind of doll it was. There were lots of doll in our house as I had four older sisters and later two more came after me.

 2. What was the last doll you got?

The latest doll added to my doll family is the 1960’s AG doll Melody. I am also awaiting the arrival of a doll named Nisha from the A Girl For All Time Doll Co.

Upcoming Simplicity Pattern

Upcoming Simplicity Pattern



3. What is one sewing notion you absolutely must have?

Can’t decide on just one notion. I love buttons, lace, thread, needles, etc. etc…. and my thimble! Of course I truly love fabric as well.


4. What pattern from your line would you recommend to someone who hasn’t tried  your patterns before?fifties-flair

I would recommend to a novice seamstress KDD04-Fifties Flair as it is a basic pattern which one can use their imagination to add detail to. If it were someone who is more of an accomplished seamstress, perhaps they should like to try KDD20-Colonial Day dress, as there is lots of detail in that pattern. There are four patterns I have designed for Simplicity Pattern Company as well with a fifth to be released the end of this year or early next featuring 1960’s patterns. They are very basic but fun 60s styles and would be a good pattern for someone new to sewing. 

(I did try to scatter pictures of the recommended patterns throughout the post.)













5. What is the next pattern you are releasing? Where did you get the  inspiration for the new pattern?

The next pattern I am releasing in my Etsy shop is KDD22-Train Station. It features a four piece outfit consisting of a pleated skirt with shoulder straps, a short sleeved blouse, a lined jacket and a coordinating hat. Hoping to have it completed in the next few weeks. This style is a classic design worn over many decades with little changes to the basic style. I felt it depicted every young girls wardrobe from the 30’s through to the 60’s.




Eve did let me know that the best way to see what is coming up for Keepers Dolly Duds is with her Facebook page

Also, Eve did share tons more inspiration at her Flickr page.

As I know that Melody will be coming home with me in Christmas, I will anxiously await that new Simplicity pattern.  I am not sure what other pattern may end up in my doll clothing pattern collection.

Thank you to Eve for answering the questions that I gave her.

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