Doll Clothing Week- Pleasant Company’s Kirsten’s Apron Dress


Pattern Doll Clothing 2016



Slowly, I have been working away on completing pattern from Pleasant Company’s Kirsten’s Pretty Clothes. Previous featured on the blog have been Kirsten’s school dress, her pantalets, and her chemise.  Today, I have Kirsten’s birthday dress for review.

Just a reminder, I have the pdf version of Kirsten’s Pretty Clothes from AG playthings website. The pdf version is fairly easy to put the pattern pieces together.  I haven’t had any problems cause by faulty pdf taping.


I know that I also posted this before but Pleasant Company patterns don’t really have pictures to go along with the instructions. If there is a picture, it isn’t very detailed.  The written instructions are great but if you are a visual person, you may have some troubles getting the dress put together.  Also note, Pleasant Company patterns has the warning that the pattern is for experienced seamstresses only and children need the experienced seamstress’ guidance.

My Kirsten doll hasn’t had a new dress since March of 2014. So this time she is getting her birthday apron dress.  The nearest craft store didn’t have any baby rick-rack so Kirsten doesn’t get any on her dress.

On the sleeves, the pattern calls for 3.25 inches of elastic. The pattern calls for it to be zig zagged stitched on across the entire sleeve.  The piece of elastic would not stretch across the sleeve.  Instead I used a 5 inch piece of 3/8 inch elastic.  It gathered like what I had seen on the pictures.  I am not sure if this is because of differences in elastic or an error.


Alright, besides the elastic troubles, this dress has very little wearing ease for a doll.  I think my waistband length was a little under 11 inches.  I actually had troubles getting this on my doll (please remember my Kirsten doll is from mid 1990’s so she is a bit bigger).  I seam ripped the back seam some and still felt like I was going to break my doll’s arm.  It would probably be fine if the Velcro goes the entire length of the back.  Otherwise, may be sewing just the last inch of the back seam together may get enough room to put the dress on.  To be honest, I will probably end up re-making this dress for Kirsten with more wearing ease.  As of right now, I think she needs about a quarter to three-eighth inch extra.  Definitely double check the pattern measurements against your dolls before making this one and decide how you want to put the dress on the doll.


Next up was Kirsten pinafore apron.  I decided to completely disregard the instructions since a lot of the hemming was to use the rick rack that I couldn’t get.  The top pieces of the apron (apron front, straps and waistband) were cut out twice so I would be able to line and get a clean finish for my doll apron.  The apron went together fairly easily.  I would recommend basting the bodice and the straps to the apron and check to make sure everything is straight when apron is on doll.  I had to seam rip out the strap and untwist them.  Like before, the narrow hem on the apron skirt was zig zagged stitched before rolling.  It just makes it easier to have something with a bit of weight to hold on to.  I switched out the closure from the 3/8 inch button listed in supplies to Velcro.  The button just seemed to get lost in the waistband.  Velcro also makes the apron a bit more adjustable if needed.


The version sold in stores was $28. I was able to make my version of the dress for $3.00.  The apron was probably around $2.  For a grand total of $5.





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