Doll Clothing Week- Thimbles & Acorns

Pattern Doll Clothing 2016
Today’s doll clothing designer is Shari Fuller at Thimbles & Acorns.   I have actually sewn just one of the ten or so patterns of Shari’s that I have.  The details in the En Forreau gown are absolutely delightful and my Felicity doll looked beautiful in her dress.


I gave Shari five questions and here are her answers:

1.  What was your first doll?

The first doll that I remember having was my little Dawn Doll.  My profile picture shows me mending her dress… the first time I ever sewed!


2.  What was the last doll you got?

The most recent doll I got (well, I just bought it a few days ago and it hasn’t arrived yet), was a Laura Ingalls doll from the Queens Treasures.  Laura Ingalls was my childhood hero, so I am rather excited to see her.


3.  What is one sewing notion you absolutely must have?

My absolute must-have sewing notion is my seam ripper.  I actually have about five of them, but still spend far too much time searching for one of them when I need it.  My package of bobby pins comes in as a close second though… they are wonderful for turning narrow tubes.

4.  What pattern from your line would you recommend to someone who hasn’t tried  your patterns before?prairie-rose

I would recommend my set of three Prairie patterns that I just released this summer to anyone new to Thimbles and Acorns.   They are relatively easy to make, include both a Past and Present variation, and many of the pieces are interchangeable so there is a wide range of design options.


5.  What is the next pattern you are releasing?  Where did you get the  inspiration for the new pattern?

Currently, I am working on a series of Elizabethan Era dresses.  The idea for this series stems from my work on the soon to be released Elizabethan doll from A Girl For All Time.  I am really enjoying researching the different dress styles from this period and am rather fascinated by their unique construction.


Check out Thimbles and Acorns’ website at Thimbles and Acorns.



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