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Brocade Doily

dsci0036Here is the latest doily that I made. This one is from Coats & Clarks #197 “Priscilla Doilies”.  I made Brocade #A-792.  It was originally published in 1969.

As this is doily number 4, this time I used a thinner thread (size 10) and a smaller crochet hook (size C). The finished size is 20 inches.  It is bigger than I had wanted for the center of my dresser but I am still learning.  If I had used the pattern’s recommend size 20 thread and hook, it would be 15 inches.  I decided that I will just put it at the edge of the dresser then drape the excess off behind the dresser.  My lamp, two cedar boxes and a couple of bottles of perfume will look nice on it.


The pattern wasn’t really hard to follow. There were a couple of rows that reading the directions didn’t make sense.  So I would start out the row and then compare what I was doing to the picture included in the book.  The picture was detailed enough that you could see what the pattern was.

This is it not starched.


dsci0034 dsci0033 dsci0032