I am a civil engineer working and living in Kansas.  I design bridges all over the state of Kansas.  Besides bridges, I get to help out with the Great Plains Future City Competition.

My favorite television program will always be the soap opera “All My Children”.  I had watched it from about 1997.  I am wishing and hoping for the day when ABC realizes their mistake and cancels the talk shows and puts “All My Children” back on the air.  Besides “All My Children”, I enjoy the classic programs “Get Smart”, “Green Acres”, and the “Golden Girls”.   Two other shows that are really fun to watch are the British cooking show the “Two Fat Ladies” and the “Super-sizers Go” on the Cooking channel.  The “Super-sizers Go” is a historic lesson of British dietary habits during different time periods.  I think the only new still airing program I watch is “Downton Abbey”

I adore old movies.  Currently I have been in a mystery & film noir spell so my favorites include the Thin Man series, “Death on the Nile”, “Laura”, “Murder by Death” and “The Cheap Detective”.  But I also enjoy classics like “Casablanca”, “Some Like it Hot” and “Gone with the Wind” and musicals like “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Moon over Miami”.

I started sewing when I decided I needed curtains for my dining area of my house and couldn’t find anything that I liked in stores back in 2009.  I have made every curtain that is currently hanging in my house.  I currently have a 1970′s Singer Touch and Sew 775 that I got from my grandmother,  a Pfaff Ambition Essential and a serger.  I really enjoy garment sewing the best.

As for beading, I learned the basics of stringing, knotting, wire wrapping, and peyote stitch back in middle school from a local bead store.  I came back to beading later as a hobby later, mainly focusing on bead stitching.  Most people at my work tell me the beaded stitched jewelry I made looks complicated and difficult.  I don’t think anyone believes me when I tell them it isn’t hard at all but it does require patience.  I can’t really make myself any earrings because I have sensitive ears and they get easily infected using plated or cheap metal earrings.  So any that I make will always have to be presents for others.


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