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LJC UK Holiday Outfit for Hearts For Hearts Girls

Another Hearts for Hearts Girls outfit.  This time I made Dell the Liberty Jane UK Holiday outfit.  Lately, I have been using my 1/4″ guide quilting foot for my Pfaff Ambition.  It has been really great and easy to use.

Liberty Jane suggest that the skill level for the UK Holiday outfit is intermediate.  The intermediate rating is more in likely because of the knit fabric choice.  Otherwise the pattern was very easy to assemble.

For Dell’s top, I used a rayon lycra jersey knit.  It is especially important that the knit for the top be very light and drapey.  If it isn’t, then the top will not look great and be pretty bulky looking on your doll.  To make the waist elastic casing and the casing at the bottom of the sleeves, I used my beige colored Hug Snug binding.  I used 1/4 inch elastic for the entire top.

Even though the top was a fairly easy sew, I am not sure I like it enough to use the top pattern again.  I think this is more personal preference than pattern issues.

However, I do like the legging pattern and will be using that more in the future.  Dell is currently wearing the leggings using a stretch knit denim looking fabric.  I used the 1/4 inch elastic for the waist of the leggings.  If I am remembering correctly, I think the leggings took under an hour to make.


Let’s Welcome Nahji

I finally caved in and bought the Hearts For Hearts Nahji doll.  Nahji is so much prettier in person than the stock photos on Pixie Faire show.  Just in case you haven’t heard about Hearts for Hearts girls, please definitely check out their website.  Their dolls are from different areas all over the world and a portion of the purchase goes to charity.  As of right now, there are 4 dolls available: Dell (Kentucky), Rahel (Ethiopia), Consuelo (Mexico), and Nahji.  Nahji is from Assam, India.  This summer, Hearts for Hearts are planning on releasing another 2 dolls.

Nahji needed an outfit like the other dolls for Me-Made May too.  I probably should have used one of the free patterns I got when I purchased my doll off of Pixie Faire’s website.  But instead I decided upon using Liberty Jane’s Baseball Tee and the Genoa Jumper.

I really liked the American Girl dolls’ version of the Baseball tee so I figured it would be best to start Nahji’s outfit with a pattern I know I like.  I had originally planned a coral tee with a brown jumper.  But I couldn’t find the brown fabric.  Instead Nahji gets a rose tee with a teal jumper.  The rose fabric is some of the scraps of rayon Lycra that I had left over from the Jalie raglan tees I made in February but haven’t really taken photos of yet.  This is the Hearts for Hearts specific baseball tee, and it fits Nahji well.  The pieces went together so easily.

I must have been really distracted by Lala while I was cutting out the Genoa pattern.  The lining and fashion fabric didn’t line up at the hem.  So instead of following the instructions, I did simplify it and close the side seams with the serger and lined up the bottom.  I just surged and turned under the hem so that I made sure I was able to catch the lining in the hem.

My sewing machine hates quarter- inch buttons with a passion.  Instead, I used Velcro for the closure.  I will have to say that buttons do make the outfit.  Even with the print my dress is just missing that detail that a button would provide.

The Genoa pattern is advertised as fitting both 14 inch dolls (like Hearts for Hearts) and 14.5 inch dolls (like the Wellie Wishers).  For Nahji, it does seem a little loose but it isn’t drowning my doll.

As this is being typed up, I have been anxiously awaiting to hear when Rahel and Consuelo to come (granted I can’t get them until the weekend because I shipped them to my parents’ house).


Which T-shirt? 2016 Sew Doll Clothes Week T-shirt Comparison

Pattern Doll Clothing 2016

If you are sewing for some lucky girl’s holiday present, more than likely, that doll will need a t-shirt.  There are probably more doll t-shirts out there than I can actually ever sew.  Today my Rebecca and my Grace dolls will be modeling the 5 different t-shirts I made for the T-shirt test.

Before getting started, the weather was not the best so I had to do inside pictures.  Looking at all the neckbands in the photos, I probably overstretched them as sewing especially since I was trying to make everything on my sewing machine instead of switch back and forth between it and serger.  I was trying to recreate how someone just new to sewing would only be using a sewing machine.

Here are the 5 patterns getting tested:

Liberty Jane Patterns Trendy T-shirt (free)

Liberty Jane Trendy Tee

Liberty Jane Trendy Tee

Liberty Jane Trendy Tee

Liberty Jane Trendy Tee

Liberty Jane Trendy Tee

Liberty Jane Trendy Tee

Liberty Jane Trendy Tee

Liberty Jane Trendy Tee

  • A fold under and stitched neckline.  I stay stitched the quarter inch mark and then turned under and zig zag stitched.
  • Decent fit, not too tight and not too loose
  • The double fold sleeve was pretty tight.  So I just did the single fold under and zig zag stitched the hem.  It made the sleeve longer but at least I knew I didn’t have trouble with setting in the sleeve or closing up the side seams.

Doll It Up Dolman T-shirt (free)

Doll It Up Dolman

Doll It Up Dolman

Doll It Up Dolman

Doll It Up Dolman

Doll It Up Dolman

Doll It Up Dolman

  • Doll It Up Dolman T-shirt is a pull over the doll’s head type of t-shirt.  I don’t particularly like pulling t-shirts over my doll’s head so for that for any future makes of this pattern I will add seam allowances to the back so that I can add Velcro to the back for an easier to put on t-shirt and not mess up my doll’s hair.
  • This was hard to put on and take off.
  • It was fairly fitted.
  • A fold under and stitch neckline which I stay stitched the quarter inch mark then turned under and zig zag stitched.

Sweet Pea & Pumpkin T-shirt (free)


Sweet Pea & Pumpkin

Sweet Pea & Pumpkin

Sweet Pea & Pumpkin

Sweet Pea & Pumpkin

Sweet Pea & Pumpkin

Sweet Pea & Pumpkin

  • Neck band which is like what a girl would find in ready to wear.
  • I really wish there was a small box with the neckband bias marked in the pattern pages.
  • As this is a PDF pattern, I don’t usually have the computer up with the instructions as I am cutting pattern out.See above.  I actually had to go back and fix the t-shirt after completed because I found out about the neck band so that is why my neck line is stretched out.
  • Otherwise, the pattern pieces fit together nicely.
  • Probably more of a boyfriend shirt style of fit.

Liberty Jane Patterns Baseball T-shirt ($3.99)

Liberty Jane Baseball Tee

Liberty Jane Baseball Tee

Liberty Jane Baseball Tee

Liberty Jane Baseball Tee

Liberty Jane Baseball Tee

Liberty Jane Baseball Tee

Liberty Jane Baseball T-shirt

Liberty Jane Baseball T-shirt (example on older doll in rayon jersey)

  • Neckline band!  That is probably the finish one would expect to see in Ready to Wear.
  • Easy opportunity to color block which means that it could use smaller scrap from projects.
  • Fairly fitted style
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Fairly fast to make (I have made this three times before but still even first time is fast)
  • Definitely need a fabric with stretch (I have made this top with ponte for the body and it will only fit on my newer dolls)
  • Pattern marks match up easily


Lee & Pearl’s 1001 Unisex T-shirt ($3.99)

Lee & Pearl

Lee & Pearl

Lee & Pearl

Lee & Pearl

Lee & Pearl

Lee & Pearl

  • Neckline band!  I really just love this.
  • Pattern comes with a V-neck option
  • Choice of long or short sleeves.
  • Relaxed fit
  • Pattern marks line up well



All these t-shirts were made with teal poly/ lycra knit from Fabricmart.  All the doll models shown in the pictures are modern American girl dolls.  I didn’t use any of the older dolls in my collection which are more stuffed than the current dolls made.  As always, there will be slight variation per doll.



Sew Small Contest- Part 2

Back to the last of my Sew Small Contest entry.

First up is the top from Simplicity 1086.  I originally planned not to use any patterns I had previously used.  But after I got the grey wool flannel picked for the coat and the burgundy cotton for the skirt; this grey and blue floral quilting cotton just seemed to say it wanted to be the top for the outfit.  I decided the top had to be simple because I really wanted the coat to be the feature item of the outfit.  So a simple blouse was the perfect complement for the outfit; Simplicity 1086 top from view F fit perfect.


Since I had made this before in August, I knew that there didn’t need to be any pattern alterations.

I used this contest to sew one of the Liberty Jane coat patterns I have, the Piccadilly pea coat from the Euro Libby line.  If I could, I would probably wear this coat also as I adore the pleated detail in the back.

I didn’t do any pattern alterations.  I used a grey wool flannel for the outside and a silk crepe for the lining.  I will admit, the silk may not have been the best choice for lining.  It was very temperamental to cut.  It was picked mainly because I had it at home and needed to use it up.


The only part of the instructions I didn’t care for was the attaching the back facing to the back lining.  They have you stay stitch then iron that under so that you create a lap seam.  I did this but didn’t like the results I got.  There is just too much of a curve on the seam to be able to make a nice lap seam like that.  Instead I recut my back neck facing and put the two pieces together and stitched.  Then I clipped my curve and pressed it.  Finally I top-stitched the seam.  I think it came out more consistent.


My sewing machine didn’t care much for where the buttons were located. So I moved them in from the edge some and moved the buttons toward the edge some to make up for the difference. The quarter-inch buttons are just too small for my machine.  For Molly’s suit https://sewbeading.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/molly-waves-goodbye-lee-pearl-1943/, I used 3/8th inch buttons and didn’t have any problems with my machine making the buttonholes.


While on the topic of buttons, I thought the quarter-inch buttons were very hard for me to button.  I honestly think a child would get very frustrated at trying to button up the coat.  I understand that the quarter-inch buttons were picked because of scale.  The main buttons won’t look too large or the sleeve buttons too small.  However, in future makes, I will be using 3/8th inch buttons for the main coat buttons.


One thing I wish was clearer in the pattern pieces would have been to have a separate button/ buttonhole template piece.  In fact before I make this again, I will go ahead and make me a separate template for that.  As I was getting towards the end of the project, I did not pull the instructions up on my computer. I went ahead and pulled out the front pattern piece and marked the button and buttonhole placement. My pattern piece had x’s and blocks marking the buttons and buttonholes. I didn’t realize the mark are combined for the two different sides.  So a separate pattern piece with just one mark style on it would helped me realize that just buttons or just buttonholes are on that side.  I do not own a double-breasted front button coat; if I did I may have avoided my big mistake. I put three buttons and three buttonholes on each side.

This coat took a lot of time.  I probably spent about 24 hours working on this doll coat.  There is a little bit of everything in this coat such as hand sewing the lining, buttons, buttonholes, and top stitching.  What makes this coat special is all the detail work that goes into it.  This isn’t a coat to pick out of the pile for a simple fast easy project.

Just for a simple ready to wear doll clothing comparison,  a double-breasted trench coat is $28 at the American Girl store.  All in total for supplies, I spent about $10.75.

Kit’s jeans- Liberty Jane Boot cut Jeans


I made this with the left over stretch denim from my Vogue 1247 (Rachel Comey) skirt.  I had added a half-inch total to the pattern (a quarter per piece) since most of my dolls are the older ones.

The pattern went together easily.  I didn’t exactly follow the instructions.  I added the waistband in flat then finished up the back seam.


So Kit has a baggy bottom on her jeans.  I think this is because of the stretch denim, which did have a lot of stretch to it.  So if you use stretch denim, don’t add any width to the pattern for the older dolls.  I probably should test this pattern with the extra width in a non-stretch denim just to make sure it was fabric choice that caused the baggy bottom.  I know the skinny jeans from Liberty Jane’s jean bundle were tight on my older dolls when made in a non stretch denim.  Adding a half-inch really helped out on that with the non stretch denim.


Just for reference, the top and hat were from Kit’s school outfit.  I didn’t make either one.  The navy blue coat is from the Simplicity 4347.


Piccadilly Sweater & Skirt – Liberty Jane


I had left over fabric from the Coco top I made my mom (it hasn’t been blogged about yet, I was waiting until I finished her dress and blog all the Coco items together).  Looking at the collection of doll clothes I have for my dad’s work, I decided I could use my extra fabric to make a top for the doll.  Alright, once the top was done, I thought about the photos.  I really didn’t want to use the skinny jeans.  The left over fabric from Simplicity 2246 (chambray shirt dress) and the Sew Powerful purse was still laying on the cutting mat.  I figured it would not hurt to make the skirt from the chambray to use with the top for photos.  Another bonus is that they are both separates that will coordinate with the rest of the stuff.


Let’s start with the top.  This was easy to make.  I basted it together on my sewing machine then ran everything through the serger.  I will say that the pattern is very intuitive and I was able to put it together without the instructions.  If I was using the lace overlay, I am not sure if I would have been able to do this without looking at the instructions first.  I didn’t have a button that would work for this so I just used my Velcro instead.  My sweatshirt doesn’t look as loose as the pattern picture.  But realize that Kit is an older doll and she is chubbier.  The Velcro may also be causing a difference in fit.


The skirt was made with chambray, so maybe a little lighter than the leather called for in the pattern.  The pattern calls it a skater style skirt which looks very cute on the doll.  I read the direction then got started on the skirt.  I decided I wanted to try to use the rolled hem foot for my sewing machine.  So I went ahead and did everything but the back seam.  I used my serger for a majority of the skirt.  I got to doing the rolled hem and had troubles trying to load the hem into the foot.  So I went with the serged and turned under hem instead.  I closed up the back seam and used Velcro instead of a hook for the closure.


Sew Powerful Purse Project

This is actually the second item for selfless September.  I haven’t blogged about the baby onesies to doggie t-shirts yet since Toby has been sick.  I am sure he wouldn’t want the pictures of his baldly patches and cone on the internet.


Sew Powerful is a charity from the Liberty Jane Clothing.  The main goal of the organization is to teach women sewing and tailoring skills so that they are able to support their family.  The women enrolled in the program right now have been making school uniforms.  But Sew Powerful is reaching out to the world-wide sewing community also with the Purse Project.  Basically, you make a purse from the provided pattern and send it in to them.  The purses will be used in partnership with the menstruation Hygiene Management program and given to girls in need.  The provided menstruation supplies and the purse helps the be able to stay in school and not fall behind.  With their education, the girls will have more economic opportunities available to them.


This purse is rated at an intermediate level project.  I read through the instructions a couple of times before starting.  At that, I was still a little confused as to what exactly I was doing but I figured when I had the fabric in my hand as I was following the instructions, I would understand what it was telling me better.  After cutting the fabric, I was reading then decided to keep it simple and not do the front pocket.  Most of my troubles were in the very beginning.   It was confusing.  I ripped the stitches out several times and went back to how I put it together the first time.  I felt like I wasn’t following the instructions right.   As far as I can tell, the end purse that I have looks like the picture exactly.  The lining was easy and putting the lining in the purse was fine.  But I feel like I just missed something on it like a pocket that was supposed to be there and isn’t?  I just received the Sew Powerful up-date email today.  It stated next year, they hope to have a simpler to use pattern which will be geared more towards the needs for African girls.  Now, I feel better about all the troubles I had understanding the directions.  It looks like I wasn’t the only one.


I definitely want to keep helping out with the Sew Powerful organization so I will most likely try to make some more purses throughout the course of the year.  It isn’t too late to participate.  October 1 is the deadline if you want to be in the contest for a trip to Zambia.  Otherwise, Sew Powerful stated they would be accepting purses year around and are planning another contest for September 2015 also.


I still have two dresses I finished earlier in September to blog about plus a bead project.

More information can be found at: http://sewpowerful.org/purse-project/