Picnic T-shirt dress- Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee



I needed something to wear to my dad’s work picnic at the end of June.  I didn’t have any shorts that still fit.  So with the help of the KC Pinheads sewing group, it was decided that the Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono tee as a dress would be perfect.




This time, I shortened the length I added to 8 inches to the bottom of the extra-large tee length.  I shortened the neckband to 21.25 inches and used a quarter-inch seam allowance for the neckband.  That may be a little too small because the front neckline is a bit more gathered than I think it is supposed to be.  Otherwise it is fairly similar to the grey/ navy stripe one I made at the end of May for book club.

Here is my trial at taking pictures with the camera’s timer.  They are not as good as the one my dad did above.  But I tried especially since 2 seconds is too short but 10 seconds is too long.

I do have other finished items that are just awaiting for photos to be able to share.




T-shirt Dress- Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee

DSCI0322One thing that has to be said about the Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee is that it is a quick pattern to make even if you alter it.

So Friday night I decided I wanted a new dress to wear to book club (which was on Saturday night for The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood), I needed something that is easy to make.  I probably started out a little after 7:30 pm by tracing out the Kirsten Kimono tee and modifying it for a dress.  I added 9 inches to the bottom with an ever so slight taper out.  I am not even sure if that is noticeable.


The only pre-washed knit was the grey/ navy stripe rayon jersey.  If I want lovely matching side seams, it will take more prep time.  Before even placing the pattern pieces on there, I sat and pinned each stripe on the fold and edge.  Then I placed the pieces on top to cut out.


Shoulder seams were sewn first and reinforced with clear elastic.  The side seams required extensive pinning to make sure the stripes were matching on the front and back.  By around 10:30 at night I had the hem and arm-scythes completed.  The next morning I finished up the neckline.  I calculated 21.92 inches on the neckband, but I used a 21.75 inches for the length instead.  It was easier to measure out using my cutting mat.  The 21.75 inched worked well.


I used the same size combo as before, the medium for the bust and waist and the x-large at the hip area.  I was looking at how the dress looked on me one night.  It looks like I could pull in each side seam an extra quarter-inch  (reduce by one inch total) and still have a fairly relaxed look dress.  But I think I will leave it like it is since it did get bunny approval.



Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee

Here are some more Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono tees.  I added pleats to the red/grey/cream floral to bring in the neckline.  I didn’t have enough fabric to make the neckband.  I thought the neckline stretched out so that is why the pleats.  But after wearing the Kirsten Kimono tee I finished last night, I know now it is because there is no neckband.





This week, I went ahead and made another Kirsten Kimono tee for me-made- May rotation.  Last night, I didn’t feel like doing the math and cutting out the neckband.  So I went ahead and turned under and stitched.  As I am wearing it right now, I notice the neckline isn’t laying like it should.  I think I will go back and add the neckband tonight.



Me- Made- May Part 2

May 8th:


Cardigan (RTW)

Deer & Doe Airelle Blouse



May 9:


Cardigan (RTW)

Tank Top (RTW)

Skirt from Vogue 1247 (Rachel Comey)


May 10:


Denim dress from Simplicity 2246



May 11:


Tilly & The Buttons Coco dress




May 12:


McCall’s 5884 long sleeve top



May 13:


Tilly & The Buttons Coco dress



May 14:


Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee (to be blogged)




Me-Made May 2015 Part 1

May 1:



Polo from Old Navy

Skirt from Vogue 1247 (un-blogged)

May 2:


Firework pattern Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee

Skinny sweetheart jeans from Old Navy


May 3:


Repeated Skirt from Vogue 1247

Blue tank from Old Navy

Light blue top from Old Navy


May 4:


Cardigan (Old Navy)

Brown Floral Deer & Doe Airelle blouse



May 5:



Skirt Vintage Simplicity 5385


May 6:  (Please note that Lala picked this outfit which may not have been weather appropriate.  Forecast was supposed to be upper 70s.  I don’t think it got there.)



Denim dress Simplicity 2246 (I did end up removing the sleeves so it is sleeveless now)


May 7:  (The outfit Lala didn’t pick the day before)



Floral Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee (un-blogged)



Re-cap of this week:  Only one repeated item.


Fun in the 1940’s- McCall 4785


Back to a vintage pattern for my next top.  I picked up McCall 4785 a couple of months ago when I was looking for vintage dress patterns.  The pattern is copyrighted 1942.  Much to my surprise, the pattern looks like it had never been made.  Only part of the front piece was cut out.  I picked up the pattern because it looked like a nice everyday sort of blouse, so part of me wonders why it was never made.  Was it supposed to be a present and the original seamstress realized it was the wrong size?DSCI0291


I traced out the front and back pattern pieces only.  I added to the side seams for the hip area and graded to nothing at the waist.  I used the same cotton voile that was used for the Deer & Doe Blouse Airelle (I need to remember to get better pictures of this one) which should work well for the button down blouse.  I used some ribbon to hem the top so I was able to keep some length.


I really like the fit of this top.  I definitely should put in with the Deer & Doe Airelle blouse as patterns to turn to when in need of a top.  Next time I make this I will definitely be adding at least two inches to the length (at the bottom) and I think I may also bring in the side seams a touch too from arm to waist area.

With Me-Made-May coming up, April has been the month of separates.  I still have a Deer & Doe Airelle blouse to blog and a Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono tee done.  I am currently working on a new skirt.  I am not sure if I have enough for a whole month so I plan on seeing how many days out of the 31 I wear me-made items.  The past couple weeks, the average has been 3 days of me-made items.


Purple Pavement Scarf

Time to share about the crochet projects I have been working on.  February, I picked up a crochet pattern for doll boot cuffs from Pixie Faire website.  The pattern wasn’t too hard and I was able to make one up in a thicker yarn.  Before I made one my dolls could actually wear with boots (since they need thin sock type yarn), I decided to try making a cowl type scarf for myself especially since I hadn’t really crochet before.


I picked a free pattern out from on-line and went on over to Pattern Review for opinions of others more experienced than me.  I had several better options presented to me and I went ahead and picked out the pavement infinity scarf.  It is made using the double crochet stitch.  The link to the pattern is at the end of the post.


I think it took me about 3 tries to get the scarf started.  Trial one didn’t look like the video.  Trial 2 seems to be getting wider.  Trial 3 made it until the end.  I used 2 balls of yarn for my scarf and had about 60 inches in length total.  At the end I used some of the left over yarn to sew the ends together.


For the month of April, I am trying to focus on sewing tops which will be usable for me-made-may.  So this week, I need to get pictures of my Deer & Doe Airelle blouse that I finished the last week.  I just started McCall’s 4785 from 1942 last night.  Lastly, I would like to make Kate & Rose’s Zsálya blouse for me-made may.  Besides the tops, I would like to finish making my mom a pavement infinity scarf too for Mother’s day.


Pattern Link:   http://www.fiberfluxblog.com/2012/09/free-crochet-patternpavement-infinity.html